Dan Rose

Lecture: Powers of Image-Object-Text
Thursday, March 4, 6:30pm, CBS Auditorium


Dan Rose is professor emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania where he taught In Landscape Architecture in the School of Design and also in the Department of Anthropology. Dan holds a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology and has taught in the areas of ethnography, cultural landscape, corporations and nature and culture.

In addition to publishing books and articles and serving on editorial boards he makes artist books and gallery installations that address major humanist themes such as nature and culture, the in-corporation of human life in market culture, and questions of human evolution and the future of humanity. Dan has exhibited his books at Harvard and Penn Libraries as well as at galleries in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia.

Trained as a cultural anthropologist for living in foreign communities, conducting ethnography, and then writing up the experience, he recently spent four years studying his shampoo. He wrote on the subject and published a paper entitled "Active Ingredients."

The intellectual problems that he addresses in the artist books and scholarly articles are ways in which humans transform the physical world and thereby themselves, and how language mediated by the body moves matter and constructs the world of mass market commodities such as shampoo, automobiles, the computer and the world-wide web.

Dan lives in Vermont and has created a studio, artist space and consultancy in Adams, Massachusetts, called Pure Theory (formerly Bob's Used Furniture). His art continues to evolve in fascinating and unexpected ways.

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